Avoid downtime

Be resilient

Octoshield ensures your system is resilient to any kind of outages and  keeps your business up while your infrastructure grows

Challenge your system against failures 

Define and orchestrate failures

From datacenter outage to network anomaly

Measure how your system responds

Follow your resiliency KPI over time 

Integrate resiliency tests in your CI pipeline

Build and break your system everyday

Create chaos without limitation

Octoshield let you simulate any kind of chaos:


  • Process: kill services, restart anything

  • Network: block all traffic, add lacenty, loss, reduce bandwidth

  • Resources: load cpu, ram, disk

  • Application: generate exception at bytecode level

Schedule your tests to start when your team is ready


Secured and easy to install

Install Octoshield agent in a breeze. Root permissions aren't required  to create failures

Concerned about your security and privacy? Octoshield can run on the cloud or be installed on your private infrastructure

Evaluate your resiliency 

Discover what's really happening during failures and get insights on your application behavior.

Use our API to trigger failures and register your results


Automated topology

Just start your agent to create chaos tests

Octoshield platform 

Our Chaos expert are available to help you automate chaos in your own processes, analyze and investigate.

Professional services

On premises

Can't run chaos tests from our SaaS platform? Octoshield platform can be installed in your own private network.

Resiliency certification

You need to assert how resilient is your system? Octoshield run chaos tests and rate your level of resiliency.

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